Polaroid Exhibition

A cura di: Marcia Caines
Torre Campanaria, La Morra (CN)
30 set - 22 ott 2017

More than a keepsake
Watercolour Polaroids by Gosia Turzeniecka
There is something about Polaroid pictures that makes them special. They are perfect in size and have a dreamy blur. They make the best albums.
These little watercolours of people at work and play, cities and buildings, coastlines and countryside, and animals possess that same friendliness of the Polaroid but with a bit more magic. In just a few brushstrokes the artist captures unique moments of everyday life that evoke one-shot memories of familiar sceneries: travel, afternoons with friends, animals in the farmyard, that building in front of your house. In this instance, more than a keepsake, the polaroid becomes a constant reminder that every second counts.